Patient Feedback

Patient Feedback

Allergy Associates of Hartford is very interested in the opinions of our patients and their family members concerning the care received at our practice. Your feedback is very important to us and will be used to help us improve our service. We ask that you kindly take a moment to complete this survey, which is voluntary and confidential. Thank you!

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Making an appointment

Was the staff
Courteous YesNo
Helpful YesNo
Informative YesNo
Was it easy to make an appointment? YesNo

Initial Visit

Were you welcomed by the receptionist? YesNo
How long did you have to wait?
Is our reception area
Attractive YesNo
Well lighted YesNo
Reading Material Up to Date YesNo

Physician Visit

Was the manner professional? YesNo
Did I give you enough information? YesNo
Was there enough time to ask questions? YesNo
Did you feel you were given various treatment options? YesNo

Follow up

Were verbal instructions clear? YesNo
Did you receive understandable instructions? YesNo
Did you leave feeling well treated? YesNo
Did you leave feeling well informed? YesNo

Any additional comments or observations that you would like to share with us?

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